Robbie Gould explains how the Chicago Bears can replicate the 49ers success

Robbie Gould shares his thoughts on how the Chicago Bears can replicate the 49ers recent success. Do the Bears have a chance at finding sustained success?

Chicago Bears, Robbie Gould
Chicago Bears, Robbie Gould / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have a solid kicker on the roster, but it was not always that way. When Robbie Gould was shown the door by Ryan Pace, the placekicker position took such a hit that some called it the curse of Robbie Gould. At one point, Pace and Matt Nagy had to hold a massive kicker workout to try and find the best kicker to roll with going forward.

Finally, it appears that the Chicago Bears have solved their kicker problem with Cairo Santos. Over his last four years, Santos has averaged a 90.1% field goal percentage. That's pretty amazing for a guy kicking outdoors in various weather elements. He has improved his range too, making seven of eight from beyond 49 in 2023 and four of five in 2022.

Robbie Gould was a fan favorite for so many years in Chicago. He officially retired in December after an 18-year career. He currently holds the Bears franchise record for most all-time points scored. Second on that list is Kevin Butler (K) and third is Walter Payton (RB). Gould is fourth all-time in scoring for the 49ers. Having kickers that high on the all-time scoring list isn't uncommon, but to have his name that high for two different franchises is impressive.

What can the Chicago Bears do to find sustained success?

The 49ers are about to play in Super Bowl LVIII and while at radio row, Staking the Box podcast was able to interview Gould. He was asked, "What do the Bears need to do to mimic the 49ers' recent success?"

"I think a lot of it is, if you see what they have been doing, there is a lot of turnover. Every two or three years there is a new head coach, which brings new people, which brings a new general manager, which brings in a new philosophy. As long as they can find some consistency with the coach and their staff, they can find consistency in how their processes work and build off of it, they will have more wins."

Robbie Gould, Former Bears PK

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As far as Gould's comments — he was "good as Gould." That said, it's a pretty obvious sentiment and not as easy to do as it is to say. Coaches and GMs are rotated every few years because they have been that bad. I will admit that I think Ryan Poles is doing things differently, but I do fear that Matt Eberflus isn't the man for the job. Maybe that continuity that Poles keeps talking about though is just what this team needs. Drafting multiple players within the top 10 over the last two seasons doesn't hurt either.

Gould should understand what it takes to be a winning organization as he was in the playoffs seven times and was clutch. He never missed a field goal or an extra point in the postseason.