5 reasons Ryan Poles knocked Chicago Bears trade out of the park

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The Chicago Bears traded the first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers. In exchange, the Bears picked up the 9th overall pick, and the 61st overall pick in this draft. They also added a 2024 first-round pick, a 2025 second-round pick, and D.J. Moore. This is a significant haul for the Bears.

Because last season was mostly a tear down, this season is all about what he can do in the rebuild. Here are five reasons that the first move he made in the rebuild was a home run.

5. Chicago Bears got the compensation that he demanded

Ryan Poles took some heat nationally for what he said to Peter King. Poles told the national reporter that he was confident that he could get a 2024 first round pick and a 2025 first-round pick for the number one pick.

He said that a team would have to go over the top of that to get the deal done now. Some scoffed, and many wondered why he potentially overpromised with the chance of an under deliver.

It is fair that Ryan Poles did not get the 2025 first round pick. He got a 2025 second-round pick instead. Oh, but he also got pick 61 this year, and D.J. Moore. That may be the over-the-top that got this done.

So, it is not the 2025 first he said he was going to get, but you will not hear any referring back to that article and saying that Poles was talking crazy. He told King what he thought he was going to get, and the return he got saw similar, if not more than what he demanded. That is a pretty good way to go about your first major trade.

It should also establish some credibility with Poles. When he says something, he typically means it, and that has been something he wanted to establish from the start. It is hard to throw anything he said before the trade back in his face.