5 reasons Ryan Poles knocked Chicago Bears trade out of the park

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Chicago Bears, DJ moore
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4. Chicago Bears got this done before free agency

Another thing that Ryan Poles said was that he wanted to get the deal done before free agency. Poles talked about how the landscape of the deal may be so big that the team would like to have it done so that they could plan free agency after the deal went down.

They did not want to sign free agents, then have different types of salaries being offered to them. So, Ryan Poles went to work during the NFL combine. This is another situation where he said something and got it done.

Poles said he wanted it done before free agency, and adding Moore makes the picture much more clear. Now, they can spend on the defensive and offensive line and do not need to worry about wide receiver nearly as much.

Poles said he wanted to get it done before free agency, but was not desperate to get it done before free agency. The Chicago Bears maximized the return while still getting the deal done on their timeline.