Ryan Poles continues to prove why he's the best Chicago Bears GM in my lifetime

Ryan Poles continues to prove how he is quickly becoming the best general mangager in Chicago Bears history — at least in my lifetime. These two reasons point out exactly why.
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Ryan Poles does right by those he cares about

This might not always be the best way to do business. I think it's obvious that the Chicago Bears did not get enough draft capital in return for Justin Fields. That said, the market was the market. Ryan Poles wasn't going to stop him from ensuring his player, a young man he truly admires and respects, from landing in a solid situation.

Poles was transparent with Fields and his agent from the start. Poles and his team scouted every quarterback during the 2023 season but didn't know for sure they'd be moving on from Fields. You can tell that Poles and Fields had a strong relationship and it was very difficult for Poles to move on from the kid who constantly pushed himself and his teammates to be the best. The unfortunate downside is that Fields wasn't ever able to overcome the passing limitations in his game. It could be that Eberflus and Luke Getsy weren't the best to help him and I hope Mike Tomlin can.

Looking at the rumors and what the Bears received in draft capital for Fields, you can tell that Poles tried putting Fields in the best position to succeed, even though he took less than what Fields was worth. For now, we should all be rooting for Fields to play more than half the snaps despite being QB2 on the depth chart. If he does, then the 2025 sixth-round pick the team received from Pittsburgh accelerates to a fourth-rounder instead.

Even the process behind the departure of Fields was superb. Poles and Eberflus made sure they were together when calling Fields to tell him the tough news. You can tell that Poles and Eberflus are both sincere when they say the decision to move on from Fields was not an easy one despite it proving to be an easy decision on paper. The two quickly called other team leaders to notify them of the decision to move on from Fields rather than wait for them to hear about it in the news or on social media. These little details, as I said earlier, truly impress me with this regime.

Poles' ability to show how much he cares and how hard he will fight for a player speaks volumes. It shows when it comes to some recent free agents and signings as well. The contract extension for Andrew Billings made me happy. Seeing him extend Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson was also fun to see. You can tell Poles zeroes on on players who truly love the game of football and prove day in and day out they want to be a part of the Bears' organization.

It is obviously very early on in Ryan Poles' career as the Chicago Bears general manager, but I am planting my flag on this hill early (remember I called it before he was hired) and will die on it no matter what the outcome. In King Poles we trust!

Now, can we get the Bears on Hard Knocks please?

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