Ryan Poles' history in the NFL Draft reveals this tendency for the Chicago Bears

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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Either Ryan Poles is setting up the Chicago Bears for the best smokescreen ever, or he plans to move on from Justin Fields to reset the quarterback market. Poles has been very transparent throughout his Bears tenure. The Justin Fields era is seemingly coming to a close. However, nobody is getting inside the mind of Poles. That is something I love doing with all of the Chicago Bears GMs. People know that Poles loves athletes on the football field. It has shown that the players' RAS scores are significantly higher than other NFL teams' drafts.

Looking at the past drafts, you will also see a common theme among Poles draftees. The draftees hardly match up with the consensus rankings. One could argue that it is where Poles' draft picks have been, but that is inaccurate. Let's look at each draft pick Ryan Poles has made, and you will see what I mean.

Kyler Gordan (39) second round
Jaquon Brisker (48) second round
Velus Jones Jr (71) third round
Braxton Jones (168) fifth round
Dominique Robinson (174) fifth round

Darnell Wright (10) first round
Gervon Dexter (53) second round
Tyrique Stevenson (56) second round
Zacch Pickens (64) third round
Roschon Johnson (115) fourth round
Tyler Scott (133) fourth round
Noah Sewell (148) fifth round
Terell Smith (165) fifth round

I wanted to stick with the fifth round and above players because we all know that teams take fliers after that round. Some teams even do that as early as mid-day-three, but I didn't want to get too cute.