6 Seattle Seahawks free agents who could follow Shane Waldron to the Chicago Bears

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1. Could Shane Waldron bring Drew Lock to the Chicago Bears

The last name to look into for Chicago Bears fans is Drew Lock. If you watched Monday Night Football when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles, you know that Lock has a lot of faith in Shane Waldron and feels that he helped him turn his career around. Now, Lock is a free agent and may want to reunite with him.

Waldron may welcome it, and the Bears may need it. Any team drafting a quarterback wants some sort of trusted veteran in the room. They can help the rookie with the day-to-day and ease the pressure off them starting right away. For Lock, he would be someone who knows the Waldron offense well and could help translate things to the rookie. 

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Lock knows where he is in the league and would not push the rookie but rather support and challenge him when needed. Waldron would appreciate it and knows Lock the person more than we do. Do not be surprised if Drew Lock is the Chicago Bears' backup quarterback next year.