This obvious trend cannot be missed from Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft class

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we are able to digest the 2023 NFL draft and what the Chicago Bears did it is easy to see one big factor that played a role in who the team drafted. The Senior Bowl.

Chicago Bears focus 2023 NFL Draft on Senior Bowl players

As we all know, Luke Getsy was given a chance to coach at the Senior Bowl. This led to Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles being down on the field and active, getting to know all of the players at the event. You often see stable head coaches such as Mike Tomlin roaming the Senior Bowl sidelines, and this year the Chicago Bears were just as present. If they can have some similar success to Tomlin and the Steelers in the draft they are in for a good run.

Whether they were biased from spending so much time with them, or they just flat-out proved how good they were, the Bears were obviously invested.

Darnell Wright went to the Senior Bowl, and was a big riser after the event. We know who he rose to. Then, there is Tyrqiue Stevenson, Zacch Pickens, and Roschon Johnson, all of them were at the Senior Bowl. Lastly, there is Tyson Bagent who signed as a UDFA.

This is no coincidence. In the case of Bagent, he worked with Luke Getsy for a full week. This is a combination of Bagent winning over Getsy, but also Getsy winning over Bagent. As a UDFA Bagent had anywhere he wanted to go. He chose the Chicago Bears in that moment, and it is hard to think that the week with Getsy did not sway his decision.

The good news is that the Chicago Bears took advantage of being up close and personal with these players. The bad news is that this rare of an oppurtunity will not happen again.

Yes, Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus will be down there, and after they drafted Velus Jones and Braxton Jones the year prior. They also added Dominique Robinson, and Ja'Tyre Carter, so the Senior Bowl will always be a part of their process.

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Still, they will never get to have Luke Getsy behind all closed doors and also running the practices to show the Bears exactly what they want to see each day. After finding one hit and one whiff it will be interesting to see how the big names shake out from the Senior Bowl.