Shift revealed with Bears approach with Shane Waldron as offensive coordinator

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The Chicago Bears quarterback waits

Drake Maye and JJ McCarthy can extend plays while attacking the middle of the field. Jayden Daniels has an interesting combination between Fields and Maye with less arm strength. Did I mention that Daniels reminds me of Nick Foles but with wheels? This offseason should be one of the more fun for being a Bears fan, yet all we are doing is arguing about who the quarterback of the future should become.

It doesn't matter if this team gets more pieces and the coaching problems on offense are fixed. The NFL Combine and the 2024 free agency period should show what Ryan Poles will do next. For the Caleb Williams fans, try not to become overly obsessed with him. The same goes for the Justin Fields fans. It might not be either of them. I wouldn't be shocked if Ryan Poles traded the #1 overall draft pick for Marvin Harrison Jr and drafted a quarterback at #9 while trading or keeping Justin Fields.

What we know about Ryan Poles is that he believes in building the team for the present and the future. That is why I don't think Poles will keep the #1 overall pick. It isn't about the prospect. Ryan Poles doesn't intend to go 7-10 with a rookie quarterback next season. It could be a rookie quarterback, but he would aim for the playoffs regardless. I don't know about you, but I am excited. The future is now, and Ryan Poles knows it.

Editor's note: Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. Details of the trade can be found here.

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