Should the Chicago Bears trade for this big-name Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver?

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The Chicago Bears are going to have to address the wide receiver position this offseason. A lot of the biggest names fail to make it to free agency, but the team could end up with one of the better options available via trade. Should the Chicago Bears trade for Mike Williams?

Should the Chicago Bears trade the Los Angeles Chargers for Mike Williams?

It seems like Los Angeles and Williams are going to split ways. Williams is due for a $32.46M cap hit this offseason, and the Chargers could save $20M by moving on from Williams this season. 

The Chargers have a new head coach and General Manager. They are going to be changing their philosophy, and they are not going to be as high on Williams as the GM who drafted him. More than that, Williams will be 30 years old and will be coming off an ACL injury.

The Chicago Bears could watch to see if Williams gets cut and then try to sign him on a discounted deal. Or, they could offer to trade for Mike Williams. Because of his cap hit, there are not going to be many suitors for Williams this offseason. More than that, the Chargers will be desperate to get rid of him for anything. So, the Chicago Bears could beat the worry of what team Williams would choose and if he wanted to play for them by simply trading for him. It would take a late pick and potentially just a conditional pick to get the deal done.

The Bears have the cap space to take him on this year and find out what happens when he is healthy in this new offense. The size of Williams and the speed of D.J. Moore could be a talented duo together. 

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The Bears would have to feel comfortable with his health and his performance at this age, but it is an easier way to add a known commodity at wide receiver this offseason.