3 signings that are not working for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Nate Davis
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1. The first season of Nate Davis with the Chicago Bears is slipping away

A lot of this is out of his control, but this year has been a disaster for Nate Davis. The talk all offseason was that Davis was the big signing, Darnell Wright was the big draft pick, and the two would create a tough right side for years to come. It happened for a game or so, and they looked good together against a tough Washington front. The rest has been a letdown.

Davis missed a lot of the preseason dealing with a personal matter. He started week one but was clearly rusty and got beat too often. He sat out weeks two and three to deal with his personal manners and came back in week four. He was fine in week four but was still adjusting. Week five will be all that the Chicago Bears are holding onto right now.

He finally had a game to get the rust off, and then we saw why the team signed him, as the Bears scored 40 points with sound protection. In week six, Davis got hurt after ten snaps. So, weeks one and four were adjusting, week six was injury, weeks two and three, he was out; that leaves us with one good week to look back on.

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Davis is supposed to only miss three or four games, but it will be week 11 of his first year with a new team, and he will have so many question marks when it comes to what he can bring to this team.