3 signs that Matt Eberflus is not fit for Chicago Bears head coach after Lions loss

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, T.J. Edwards
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2. The Chicago Bears lack complementary football 

Arguably, the worst part about the Chicago Bears' loss to the Detroit Lions is seeing that the team was +3 in turnovers. They intercepted Jared Goff three times and recovered a fumble off a kick return. Still, the Bears had just 10 points off turnovers, and the Lions had seven. 

The Lions did that on three fewer turnovers and what hurts even more is that their only turnover was an offensive possession the Bears got in response to a turnover. 

The Bears punted and turned the ball back over in their two first half fgifted possessions. They wnt into the half down 14-10 despite being up in turnovers. 

When Matt Ebeflus was hired, he preached being the CEO and complimentary football. Despite being the defensive coach he wanted to be in control of the team as a whole. Right now, the team is an offense and a defense, and they do not play as one. 

Eberflus has taken on the defensive coordinator role and has lost the CEO role. It is not working for him.