3 signs that Matt Eberflus is not fit for Chicago Bears head coach after Lions loss

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1. The Chicago Bears have poor situational awareness

The Chicago Bears' defense is supposed to be their strength. As we noted, even though Matt Eberflus is preaching team football, he has the defensive background, and he is calling the plays for the defense. 

Two key plays stand out as bad losses for the Bears. The first touchdown of the game featured Dylan Cole against Jahmyr Gibbs. You have to wonder why Cole was even on the field as the fourth linebacker, let alone matching up on the Lions' biggest threat in the red zone. That is a schematic breakdown. 

The Lions faced third down with two yards to go with 38 seconds left and the ball at the seven-yard line. If you watch the Lions, you know that they love to run in this look and then go for it again on fourth down. The Bears' interior linemen were Gevvon Dexter and DeMarcus Walker, their two pass rushing specialists who are not out there on run downs. At least not in the interior for Walker. Of course, these two got blown off the football, and Gibbs picked up six. The game-winning score came on the following snap. 

Eberflus was out schemed in the one area he is supposed to be good at.

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His defense was finally healthy, and he gave up three touchdowns in just 19 minutes of possession. The Lions scored one touchdown in the two-minute drill;l before the half and the other two in the final four minutes of the game. When it was crucial to make a stop, the team was outcoached. That goes on Matt Eberflus.