10 sleepers Chicago Bears must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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You have heard the usual suspects as options for the Chicago Bears with the ninth overall pick. How about some sleepers? These are players who may end up falling to day three or at least be on those fringes of day two. However, they are a fit for the Bears and would be nice at the right time in the 2023 NFL draft. Who are some options?

Chicago Bears Sleepers in the 2023 NFL Draft

10. Oklahoma RT Wanya Morris is an underrated tackle option for Chicago Bears

Wanya Morris is a big-time sleeper because he mainly only has one season of starting work. Well, that is not necessarily true. He actually started two seasons at left tackle for the Tennessee Volunteers. However, he struggled and had to transfer to Oklahoma, where he rode the bench in 2021 as a reserve. He got back into the starting lineup as a right tackle in 2022, and it turned out that the move was for the best.

Morris was back on the NFL draft radar, and was invited to the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl after a strong final season as a right tackle. From there, he injured his hamstring running the 40-yard dash, so his athletic profile is incomplete for teams, and it is another added question that makes him a sleeper.

Wanya Morris still has some technical flaws to workout, but he is a right tackle who packs a serious punch in the run game. Right off of the bat he sounds like a fit, and the draft cost could allow the Bears to take a left tackle high, and then double dip with Morris on the right side.