10 sleepers Chicago Bears must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Zach Harrison
Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA

6. Chicago Bears could draft Ohio State Edge Zach Harrison

There was a time not that long ago when many Ohio State fans were convinced that Zach Harrison was the next in a long line from Joey and Nick Bosa to Chase Young. Harrison was supposed to be the next guy, but it did not come together for him.

There are bits and pieces of moments when you understand why this was such a discussed idea. Harrison looks like he should be a top-ten pick when he gets off the bus. He has extremely long arms and knows how to use them. He also has great linear speed.

The issue is that he does not do well with change of direction, and relies solely on his long arm move to push offensive lineman. He is a project, and there are questions if his upside can be untapped with being too stiff in his lower half. Still, on day three he is a great rotational rusher who has that type of upside if things can be unlocked.