5 sleepers to make Chicago Bears roster

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4. Does Robert Burns make Khari Blasingame expendable for the Chicago Bears?

One reason the Chicago Bears may be looking at Tonges strictly through the tight-end lens this year is Robert Burns. Last year Tonges was the backup fullback to Khari Blasingame because they did not roster anyone else. This year, they have Robert Burns.

If Blasingame makes the roster, Burns will spend his first year on the practice squad, which is a likely option. But, if Blasingame got hurt, it would be an easy call-up. If Blasingame were injured in training camp, it would result in the first path to Burns making the roster.

Another path is straight up beating out Blasingame. This is a player with experience and versatility at fullback, but the Chicago Bears see something they like from Burns. If Burns gets the chance and shows that he belongs, why wouldn't the team go with the younger and cheaper option who has more years of control left on his contract? The Bears would not save much this year, but the writing does appear to be on the wall that this will be the le

The odds are that Blasingame will make the roster, and Burns will spend a year on the PS. After the season, the roles may change where. We see Blasingame move on, and Burns makes the roster during year two.