5 sleepers to make Chicago Bears roster

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DeMarquis Gates, chicago bears
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3. DeMarquis Gates is a roster sleeper for the Chicago Bears

If you remember the preseason last year, it was not just Jack Sanborn who was lighting things up. DeMarquis Gates, who was signed straight from the XFL was next to Sanborn, and they would go play-for-play and series-for-series.

Sanborn got the edge to make the roster, and thus get on the field. Still, Gates did spend the year on the practice squad, and beyond that, he did make an appearance in the NFL. He was called up in week 12, and he played 35 special teams snaps, and two defensive snaps, getting active for three games.

So, this is a step for Gates, but as you know, the linebacker depth chart just got tough. There are obvious names ahead of him, such as Tremaine Edmunds, TJ Edwards, Noah Sewell, and Jack Sanborn. That does leave two spots for potential players such as Gates. The issue is that he is not alone.

Most would project Sterling Weatherford to make the roster because he made it last year and was a special team ace for the Bears. They also signed Dylan Cole this offseason and added UDFA Micah Bakersfield. Cole and Weatherford are the favorites for spots five and six on the linebacker depth chart. However, another strong summer could have the Chicago Bears push Gates over these two.