5 stats to know about Chicago Bears new WR D.J. Moore

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The Chicago Bears finally unloaded the number overall pick and when they did, they grabbed a haul of players. They added the ninth pick, a future first, two second-rounders, and then the notable prize of D.J. Moore.

D.J. Moore is huge for the Chicago Bears because it is almost a throw in for the Panthers, but checks a giant need off of the board for the Bears. Moore will join Darnell Mooney, and Chase Claypool as the top three wide receivers next season. What do Chicago Bears fans need to know about him?

5. D.J. Moore has age and production on his side

You will hear this joke a million times, but D.J. Moore and Velus Jones are just one year apart. There is a bit of a difference in production, though. Moore is 25 years old, and will be 26 this season. He also has 5,201 career receiving yards.

This is pretty rare. In fact, there are seven pass catchers in NFL history with 5,000 yards or more before they turned 26 years old. They are Randy Moss, Mike Evans, Larry Fitzgerald, DeAndre Hopkins, DJ Moore, Brandin Cooks, and Amari Cooper.

What a list. This is a bit of selection bias because you almost have to enter the NFL at age 20 just to have a shot at being on the list. Still, that says a lot about Moore that he was able to go from Maryland to the NFL in three seasons after being a 17-year-old freshman. There is a reason that every name on the list is special.

Yes, to be fair, Evans and Moss are over 6,000, and he is much closer to Cooks and Cooper than those two. Still, if the Chicago Bears get what the Cowboys get from Cooper after they traded for him, this is going to be a huge win. That is the caliber of wide receivers they are dealing with.

Moore will need 800 yards to make the list of 6,000 yards by age 26. That list includes Moss, Fitzgerald, Evans, Hopkins, Cooper, and Julio Jones. Only Cooks is off that list and Jones joins them. Something tells me that with Justin Fields, D.J. Moore will also be on this list.