3 stats Chicago Bears fans must know about CB Tyrique Stevenson

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Chicago Bears, Tyrique Stevenson
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2. Chicago Bears are getting a talented athlete with one question

When the Chicago Bears drafted Kyler Gordon it stood out how athletic he was. The same can be said with Tyrique Stevenson, with one exception. You can see his athletic profile below.

The height, weight, and arm length are exactly what you want to see. He is a big, thick cornerback with long arms. The speed is above average, and when you adjust for his weight, it is even better. The jumps are solid as well, the one question is the agility drills.

What is interesting is that while Kyler Gordon is also a good athlete, they do have slightly different profiles.

Stevenson is bigger, with more long speed, while Kyler Gordon is smaller, but much shiftier, and more explosive in the short areas. It gives them a pretty solid compliment when you break it down.

Overall, this shows up on their tape as well. Stevenson is one of the better press cornerbacks in the draft, and he is solid at finding the ball down the field. Where he struggles the most is when he has to make quick breaks on the football against in-breaking routes. That is why it is better to press Stevenson than have him play off.

On the flip side, the quick twitch and read and react are where Gordon excels. An optimist could frame this and think that when the Bears need to go more towards zone, they will play Gordon, but when they need a big man cornerback, they will go with Tyrique Stevenson. If they mix and match who is on the outside with Jaylon Johnson on the other side they could get the best of both worlds and also limit the times when both get exposed in coverage.