4 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Larry Borom
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3. The Chicago Bears offensive line will still have issues this year

The Chicago Bears run game looked as good as we have seen, and Tyson Bagent only took one sack. Maxx Crosby got a sack in an obvious pass situation when Bagent was looking to make something happen before halftime.

Beyond that, the line looked fine on paper. However, there are still questions about how good this unit can be. Larry Borom had multiple holding calls, and most of his day was against Malcolm Koonce and the struggling rookie Tyree Wilson.

Lucas Patrick and Cody Whitehair looked fine in this game, but the interior of the Raiders featured Adam Butler and Bilal Nichols. The Raiders were statistically one of the worst defenses the Bears faced when it came to the run. When Borom, Whitehair, and Patrick have to face better interior linemen, they are still going to struggle.

Beyond that, there is a question of what will happen when the team gets Nate Davis back. They will be moving Teven Jenkins back to left guard, which is asking a lot from him. It was nice to see what happens when the Chicago Bears can win in the trenches, but it is hard to expect that to continue. Especially with Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack up next.