4 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds
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2. The Chicago Bears signing Tremaine Edmunds has not been worth it

Sunday was the biggest impact we had seen from the Chicago Bears' big free agent signing Tremaine Edmunds. Edmunds had eight tackles; two passes defended and an interception. While that is great, that should be expected, and one good game out of seven has not made his signing worth it yet.

Edmunds played fine, but the interception was off of a deflection by Yannick Ngakoue. He made the play, Edmunds just was there to capitalize. It was the best that we had seen Edmunds in coverage, but it also was a backup quarterback in Brian Hoyer. He was easily the worst quarterback that they have faced.

Josh Jacobs has also not been the same this season. The Chicago Bears have to hope that this game wakes Tremaine Edmunds up. We could look back in three weeks and think that Edmunds has proven all of the doubters wrong, and he is a fit for the defense. However, after one week, we have to say that we need to see more.