10 stock down Chicago Bears after preseason week one

These Chicago Bears players did not make the most of the preseason opener
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Now that the Chicago Bears won their first preseason game, there are so many things to take away from the game. Some players were able to secure roster spots, while others saw things get a bit tighter. Who are some of the Bears players who saw their stock drop amongst decision-makers in the front office?

10. Velus Jones is closer to the Chicago Bears roster bubble

Entering the preseason the Chicago Bears knew that Velus Jones needed to have a serious impact on special teams. He had slipped far down the wide receiver depth chart, and the team went out of their way to make sure he is not in the top wideouts this year.

So, if he does not bring value to special teams, his roster spot may be in trouble. Jones is known as a kick return option, but the team has been trying him at punt return. Trying may be the nice way to put it, as the experiment has not gone well.

Jones lost the punt return job to Dante Pettis last year, and this year, he essentially only got it back because Pettis has been injured. On his first chance to actually earn the job, he fumbled a bouncing punt.

Worse than that is seeing Tyler Scott not only step in to return punts but also get a chance at returning kicks. Lastly, Jones only played when he returned punts or kicks; he did not bring value to any other phases.

So, Jones does not play any other core special teams phases, he does not return punts, and he does not play wideout. He is heavily leaning on being a kick return option, and Scott is coming for him there. Jones may not make the roster.