10 stock down Chicago Bears after preseason week one

These Chicago Bears players did not make the most of the preseason opener

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Chicago Bears, D'onta Foreman
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9. D'onta Foreman is in a tough spot with the Chicago Bears

If you asked D'onta Foreman after the draft weekend if he wishes he could have chosen a new team, he probably would have said yes. Foreman probably signed, thinking that he would not have someone like Roschon Johnson nipping at him.

Now, he is in a tough spot when it comes to this depth chart. Khalil Herbert started and played all seven snaps with Justin Fields. This was always a possibility for Foreman, although you could see Foreman split more work as the season goes on.

Still, Herbert flashed a three-down skill set in the preseason opener, and it ensured that Foreman would have to split work at best. Worse than that is him seeing Johnson coming up on him quickly.

Foreman played seven of the 14 snaps that P.J. Walker and the second-team offense worked. The other seven were a split between Roschon Johnson and Trestan Ebner. It is clear that they are putting trust in Herbert on passing downs but not Foreman. So, Foreman can work to beat out Herbert, but by the time that happens, Johnson may beat him out.

He is in a situation where the person ahead and behind him played excellent, and got great usage, and he was stuck in the middle getting whatever was left. This is not where he wanted to be.