10 stock down Chicago Bears after preseason week one

These Chicago Bears players did not make the most of the preseason opener

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7. Kyler Gordon will not be a full-time player for the Chicago Bears in 2023

When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyrique Stevenson the question was much more about when, and not if that would push Kyler Gordon away from being a full-time player in 2023. In 2022, it was all on Gordon. Gordon played outside in base situations, and then moved inside for nickel snaps.

It was a lot, but they gave him a full-time role. Now, the team has him focusing on nickel solely, and they are playing Tyrique Stevenson on the outside. Gordon played ten snaps on Saturday and did not take a snap on the outside, he was primarily a slot cornerback.

Stevenson led the Bears in snaps, with 45, and he played primarily outside. The Chicago Bears clearly wanted to see what exactly they have in Stevenson before they commit to him starting as a rookie. Still, he held down his own in his NFL debut and gave the Bears a nice long look. Now, it is his job to start.

This may be better for Gordon in the long term because he is now in just one spot, and can focus on this area. However, in the short term, it is clearly a demotion. He will not play every snap this year when he did last year.