3 stock down Chicago Bears from first week of training camp

The Chicago Bears have only been at training camp for a week. Who are players that have seen their stock impacted?

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Chicago Bears, Kindle Vildor
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2. The Chicago Bears are phasing out Kindle Vildor

When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyrique Stevenson, you had to wonder if that was the end of Kindle Vildor starting for the team. When they drafted Terrell Smith, the fear escalated to wondering if Vildor would even make the roster.

If the Chicago Bears keep Josh Blackwell in the slot and Smith as the backup outside, then Vildor is looking at the sixth cornerback spot at best. So far in training camp, that has come to fruition. The Chicago Bears have had three guys get work on the outside with the first team. They were Smith, Stevenson, and Kyler Gordon.

Smith has seen a lot more work with the ones than Vildor this offseason, and that will only continue, considering the rookie is hitting the ground running. Vildor has nowhere to go but down, which is not a fun spot to be in as he enters the summer heat. Even Jaylon Jones may be catching him and taking the sixth cornerback spot. The stock of Kindle Vildor will keep cratering down.