3 stock up Chicago Bears after initial depth chart release

A couple of young players are expected to progress in 2023 with th

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The Chicago Bears released their initial depth chart this week for the 2023 season. While the depth chart will change, and the preseason games will be massive, this is a great launching point to see where players stand before the start of the season. Some players saw themselves in high standing with the coaches, and some lower.

Which players may have seen their stock increase compared to expectations?

3. Dominique Robinson is ahead of a few notable Chicago Bears rushers

The Chicago Bears edge rusher group was immediately going to be a place where eyes went. There are so many names, and fans did not know for sure how the breakdown by grouping would look. Seeing Yannick Ngakoue and DeMarcus Walker as the starters was not a shock.

However, the backups were notable, as Rasheem Green and Dominique Robinson got the nod. Green was expected, but Robinson beat out Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis, two players who were making a case for the spot.

If the Bears had to choose, they probably would want Robinson to claim that spot more than any other player. That is because they invested the draft pick in him. Gipson may be out this year, and he was a Ryan Pace draft pick. Lewis was cut by the Rams last year. Robinson is in year two, and he was labeled a project when the team drafted him.

So, now he should be in a spot where he can take that year two step into being more productive. It seems the coaches are buying into that as they are putting him ahead of some rushers who are not significant names, but could push a player who is not ready to get on the NFL field.

Now, we have to see how Robinson looks in the games.