5 storylines to follow for Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Fields
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4. The Chicago Bears get to see Bryce Young up close

The Chicago Bears have the potential number-one overall pick this year because they traded the number-one overall pick last year. That pick ended up being Bryce Young. If you recall, there was so much debate about whether the Bears should keep the pick and take Bryce Young or trade the pick to build around Justin Fields. The reality is that both have not worked out well, but the Chicago Bears may have an easier exit.

As noted, they have two picks destined for the top five, and they are not committed to Justin Fields. The Panthers have to stick with Bryce Young for a few more years, but he does not look like he belongs in the NFL.

Young has eight touchdowns and seven interceptions this year. He threw two pick sizes in a game where his team lost by 14 points. He has a 3.6 adjusted net yards per attempt. For comparison, Fields is at 4.6 for his career. Young looks cerebral and accurate enough, but he does not physically capable of winning in a league with humans so much bigger, stronger, and faster than him. We will get to see if he can handle Montez Sweat and the Bears pass rush. Also, how does he stack up with Justin Fields, the person the Bears chose over him? Young has one win this year, but he beat CJ Stroud, the other quarterback the Bears could have taken in that spot.