3 strikes against Matt Eberflus sticking as Chicago Bears head coach

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1. The Chicago Bears defense that Matt Eberflus put together is not good enough

One of the most confusing things Matt Eberflus and the Chicago Bears did was sign Tremaine Edmunds. Eberflus was a linebackers coach coming up, and he had been known to churn out some talented linebackers who did not have high-end investments in them. When the Bears traded Roquan Smith, UDFA Jack Sanborn looked good enough to start, and the thought was that if Eberflus got the most out of the linebackers, they would spend little there, and then they would have more assets for the rest of the roster.

Instead, they added Tremaine Edmunds because he had to be a perfect fit for the Eberflus defense. So far, he has been awful, and the team wishes they would have just started the UDFA on the rookie salary deal. Eberflus is not getting the most out of his talent on that side of the ball. He inherited the best player in Jaylon Johnson. Kyler Gordon, Jaquan Brisker, and Gervon Dexter all have shown slight moments, but all of them are huge questions that have not yet developed under Eberflus.

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Last year, the Chicago Bears allowed a score on 41.8% of their opponent's drives. They turned the ball over on 11.9% of their opponent's drives. This year, they are giving up a score on 43.4% of their opponent's drives, and they are turning the ball over on 10.8% of their opponent's drives. They added Edmunds, Dexter, Yannick Ngakoue, DeMarcus Walker, and TJ Edwards, and they are currently in a worse spot. Yes, the secondary has been banged up, but this includes the depleted Bear's defense towards the end of last year as well. The team got worse when the talent got better. This falls on Matt Eberflus.