3 takeaways for the Chicago Bears from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0

The Chicago Bears have a big draft ahead of them, and Daniel Jeremiah refines his prior thoughts into Mock Draft 2.0.

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With the Chicago Bears' current draft position — pick No. 1 and No. 9 — there are plenty of different possibilities for what could happen come April 25 at the 2024 NFL Draft.

There's a lot of speculation as to what the Bears are going to do, yet, all that truly matters is what Ryan Poles ends up doing. Regardless of what anyone says, he is the one with the power. Though it's fun to put on the GM hat for a bit, it's all for fun.

Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears are in powerful seat at 2024 NFL Draft

Now, that's the case with most people who speculate on the Chicago Bears — or any NFL team for that matter. But, Daniel Jeremiah is more plugged in than the average NFL fan. Jeremiah is part of the NFL Network, and he's been around the league for years.

He's also a big name in the mock draft world, and it's because he's frequently accurate. Rarely do people predict a full NFL draft perfectly, but Daniel Jeremiah is usually a name that has a high hit rate.

Since he doesn't include trades in his mock drafts until the final one, however, it holds lower merit in terms of what will likely transpire during the draft.

It's incredibly rare for an NFL draft to have no trade-ups, so for Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0 to be completely accurate is unlikely. But what it can do is help give an idea of which players could be attached to which teams. It also gives a perspective to the NFL draft from someone who's not picking for any teams, yet, is connected to all in some way, shape, or form.

With the Chicago Bears having a lot of power in this NFL draft, what are they taking away from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0?