5 biggest takeaways from Chicago Bears offseason program

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears wrapped up their OTA and minicamp sessions, and now the offseason is technically over. When the team shows up to training camp later next month, they will embark on starting a new season. So, now that we have the long delay between the end of the offseason and the start of the season, what were the biggest takeaways from the past few weeks?

Which players are gaining steam, and which positions still have needs? What are the big takeaway headlines?

5. Tyrique Stevenson is ready to compete to start for the Chicago Bears

Tyrique Stevenson is ready to start, and I mean as soon as week one. He looked ready to roll the second he took the field for the Chicago Bears, and every day you heard of a pass breakup, he made or someway in which he impressed the coaching staff.

Stevenson is starting in three cornerback sets, which was expected from the start. However, the question will be when the Chicago Bears go their base looks, is it Jaylon Johnson with Stevenson or Kyler Gordon?

Jaylon Johnson has missed enough time that both Stevenson and Gordon have had a fair share of work on the outside, and it will be a training camp battle. However, based on how quickly Stevenson has been picking things up, you could probably put him in the pole position to hold down the outside job, no matter how things look.

This may help Kyler Gordon as he gets to settle into one position, but it speaks more to the reality that Stevenson will be earning it. If the first few weeks of his being an NFL player are any indication, he will start on the outside in week one and play every snap.