3 teams most likely to sign Chicago Bears WR Darnell Mooney in free agency

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2. The Atlanta Falcons could have an interest in signing Darnell Mooney 

Matt Nagy is likely to push for Darnell Mooney when you consider he was the coach when he got drafted, and those were his best years with the team. Nagy knows his skill set. Another person who knows Mooney well is Ryan Pace, who happens to work for the Atlanta Falcons now. Why wouldn't the person who drafted the gem from Tulane want to bring him back down south next year?

The Falcons are in a similar spot to the Chiefs. They have Drake London, but the rest of the wide receiver room gets very questionable. They also do not have a quarterback, so they may be more dependent on paying someone like Mooney to make sure whoever steps in has the weapons needed. 

With Zac Robinson as offensive coordinator, the team will need explosives, and while London can be a target hog, he works underneath often, and Mooney would be a perfect compliment. 

The Atlanta Falcons make a lot of sense for Darnell Mooney to wind up in free agency.