5 teams most likely to trade Chicago Bears for Jaylon Johnson

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Tyrique Stevenson, Jaylon Johnson
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4. The Pittsburgh Steelers may trade the Chicago Bears again

The Pittsburgh Steelers have to be willing to call the Chicago Bears about anything at this point. The Steelers stole Joey Porter Jr. with the 32nd overall pick, thanks to the Bears trading them the pick for Chase Claypool. Now, the Steelers may be looking to swap a pick for a player only to see the same results.

The Steelers have seen Porter emerge as a starter, but they have questions away from him. Patrick Peterson has started to move into the slot to get him away from elite wideouts, and Levi Wallace lost his starting outside job to Porter. Overall, this group is poor.

The Steelers' defense suits the skillset of Jaylon Johnson. They would value a 24-year-old cornerback entering his second contract, and they would try to get the better of the Bears once again. Could the Chicago Bears stand to see the Steelers make a push for the playoffs with Porter and Johnson, a duo that the Bears could have easily had themselves?