5 teams most likely to trade Chicago Bears for Jaylon Johnson

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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2. The Buffalo Bills should trade for Jaylon Johnson at the trade deadline

The Buffalo Bills cornerback room has been a disaster. They lost Tre White for the season, and since then it has been nothing but a shuffle. Christian Benford leads the group in snaps. He is a former sixth-round pick in his second NFL season, and he has been up and down this year. Across from him is Dane Jackson, who has been struggling since coming back from an injury. Whille he was injured the team tried to lean on their former first round pick Kaiir Elam, but he has been benched.

It has caused the team to bring in Josh Norman. Yes, that Josh Norman that you thought retired. They have an offense that can compete to win a Super Bowl, and right now their defense is missing the big names to make it happen. Jaylon Johnson is a perfect fit in this defensive scheme, and the Bills have to be in a win now mode. This fit makes too much sense, and for a team that spent a first round pick on Elam, they should not care too much about the cost. The Buffalo Bills are one of the best fits for Jaylon Johnson.