4 teams most likely to trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields

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3. Can the Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields to the New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots were just a few picks away from drafting Justin Fields before they ended up with Mac Jones. While it looks like the Jones era will end for the Patriots, a pivot for them could be to Justin Fields. 

They do not have a General Manager yet, but their head coach is Jerod Mayo. It fits a similar mentality to Pierce's, where they will remain defense first. They also have an offensive line that is built to run the ball. Justin Fields would bring that mentality to the team. 

The question with this one is that the New England Patriots draft third. Some this as a three-quarterback draft, but not every team will love all three the same. If the two quarterbacks that the Patriots are comfortable with go before them, do they trade for Fields and then pair him with Marvin Harrison in the way that fans of the Chicago Bears wanted?

Or, if the right quarterback does fall, does it make a trade harder because one team is out of the running for Justin Fields?