4 teams most likely to trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields

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2. The Atlanta Falcons could trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields

One team that appears to be rumored for the Chicago Bears more than any other is the Atlanta Falcons. They once had a chance to draft Justin Fields but passed in favor of Kyle Pitts. Now, they have the chance to bring those two former first-round picks from the same draft class together. 

Of course, the big influencing point will be the head coach. Arthur Smith did not want Justin Fields in the draft. So, this opens the door to the team acquiring Fields. However, they do not have a head coach, and we do not know if they would want Fields or not. Still, the situation is perfect. 

They have a running back, tight end, and wide receiver just waiting to break out with a quarterback. They have a run-first offensive line as well as a defense with enough pieces to build around. Their first-round pick is not high enough to get an automatic starter at quarterback, but they could ship a second-round pick for Fields, draft on defense with their top pick, and then have a lot of enticing pieces. Would the next head coach like this plan?