4 teams most likely to trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields

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1. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers destined to add another Chicago Bears former first-round quarterback?

The Chicago Bears benched Mitch Trubisky last year, realizing that the failed experiment in Chicago was more on the player than the environment. Now, they may be going right back to the well, looking at the next first-round pick that the Bears spent on a quarterback. 

Justin Fields makes a lot of sense with the Pittsburgh Steelers. First, Mike Tomlin was adamant that he liked Fields coming into the NFL draft. Also, the team already leans into the run, and has Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, which could make this rushing attack dynamic. 

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Mike Tomlin knows how to win with poor quarterback play, and based on their play in recent years, a run-first attack that involves the quarterback as a rushing threat is pretty smart. After benching Kenny Pickett foro Mason Rudolph in the playoffs, they can bring in Fields and at least have him compete with Pickett next year. That is better than their current options. 

Will the Chicago Bears make this move?