Sadly, does Teven Jenkins remind you of this former Chicago Bears offensive lineman?

Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
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Teven Jenkins started the first two games of the Chicago Bears 2022 season, but after a rough go against the Packers, Jenkins found himself listed as the backup. One reason for the change was that Matt Eberflus felt Patrick had a better Wednesday practice than Jenkins. In that game though, Jenkins was the better player and won his starting spot back. When healthy, Teven Jenkins is one of the best offensive guards in the NFL. The problem is, he can't stay healthy.

Although different paths, it feels like Teven Jenkins is the Chicago Bears new Kyle Long

I own one offensive lineman jersey and it is not Olin Kreutz. The jersey I own is a Kyle Long jersey. Long came into the league in 2013. He started at right guard his first two years and played at a very high level. He made the Pro Bowl in both his rookie and sophomore seasons. He was voted as a Second-Team All-Pro. Then, in his third year, the Chicago Bears moved him to right tackle. He was not as good at the tackle spot, but after three relatively healthy seasons, Kyle Long's body started to fail him. He was constantly on the injury report and never started a double-digit amount of games again.

Chicago Bears, Kyle Long
Chicago Bears, Kyle Long / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Teven Jenkins hasn't had the same hot start to his career as Kyle Long, but injuries are definitely starting to pile up. After the back injury in his rookie season and the neck injury last year, doubts about Jenkins' durability are valid. This season, his injuries haven't seemed connected to the spine thank goodness, but once again he's missing multiple games.

Now, heading into his fourth and final season of his rookie deal, Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears will find themselves facing another tough decision. Will they extend Jenkins hoping for better days ahead knowing he's elite when healthy? Or, will they plan to move on from the oft-injured lineman?