The Chicago Bears are not locked on this idea for the 2024 NFL Draft

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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The idea of the Chicago Bears needing to trade back with one of their first-round selections in the 2024 NFL Draft never made sense.

The prevailing thought that many Madden general managers have is that the Bears need to recoup the draft picks that they are lacking in this year's draft. Before we go further, let's dive further into three reasons why it is foolish to be upset over the fact that the Bears only have four selections in this year's draft.

Veteran defensive end Montez Sweat is the reason why the Bears do not have a second-round pick in this year's draft. In his short time with the Bears last season, Montez proved to be a multiplier for the team's defense as his ability to generate pressure created turnover opportunities for the secondary.

All-Pro wide receiver Keenan Allen is the reason why the Bears do not have a fourth-round pick in this year's draft. Considering the need that the Bears had at the wide receiver position while also ensuring that Caleb Williams is in the best possible position to succeed, this is a trade that Ryan Poles should make ten times over.

Getting to the Bears' fifth-round selection in this year's draft, they moved the pick to the Buffalo Bills for center Ryan Bates. This is the move that many fans question but if Bates proves to be a capable starting center, there is very little not to like.

The Chicago Bears don't seem interested in trading down for mere purpose of trading down.

For three of the Bears' 2024 NFL Draft picks, they landed two Pro Bowl-caliber players and a potential starting center. Adding that to the fact there is a dropoff in talent in this year's draft class after the fourth round, that would be the reason why Poles is not stressing over the lack of the lack of draft capital that the team has.

""This year it doesn't," Poles told ESPN. "The way this is set up and [with] some of the draft capital we've been able to create in the first two years, I feel pretty comfortable about it. It'll be boring if we don't do any trades, but I feel pretty good about where we're at.""

Ryan Poles via ESPN

Given the talent that the Bears have added and the fact that they are ready to contend for a playoff spot, the appeal of trading back in order to collect a haul of picks does not make complete sense. In the earlier stages of the rebuild, sure, but not when they have an opportunity to add another blue-chip player in the first round.

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