The Chicago Bears are unofficially officially going for the anomaly

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Old news but needs to be shared

Now that the entire Chicago Bears fan base can breathe about the quarterback situation, we can focus on what the plan is to become. Before I get into that, I should go over the explanation of my quarterback rankings for the Chicago Bears. I expected to get yelled at by one of my buddies when I listed Bo Nix at #1 and Caleb Williams at #3. "What do you not like about Caleb Williams?" "You literally loved Pat Mahomes coming out in the 2017 NFL draft." First, those are my rankings for the Chicago Bears. I base my thoughts on the team's design, situation, and film from the last year they played college football.

Granted, he called me out over my love for Justin Herbert over Joe Burrow. I accept that. I used to share my rankings along with the rankings of the current Bears GM, Coach, and situation, but at the end of the day, what I would do doesn't matter. Now, he told me that had I gone back and watched Williams's 2022 tape, I would have seen a player who thrived from the pocket. I believe it. He watches way more college football than I do. If we had that conversation early this year, I likely would have had Williams as the top quarterback for the Bears.

Honestly, if the Bears had hired Killf Kingsbury as the offensive coordinator, I would have had him at the top and Penix at the very bottom. Let's not get it twisted, though; I like a lot of quarterbacks in this draft class. They all offer a fair amount of upside, and all make a strong case for being top 10 draft selections—enough of that noise. What do I mean by the Bears are going for the anomaly?