The Chicago Bears are unofficially officially going for the anomaly

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Chicago Bears using history

The NFL is used to young quarterbacks struggling during their rookie season. However, that theme is quietly becoming a moot point. It wasn't only CJ Stroud who has done the unthinkable. Before 2017, 12 rookie quarterbacks made the playoffs.

  • 1983 (1): Dan Marino
  • 1985 (2): Bernie Kosar and Diter Brock
  • 1986 (1): Jim Everett
  • 2004 (1): Ben Roethlisberger
  • 2008 (2): Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan
  • 2009 (1): Mark Sanchez
  • 2011 (1): Andy Dalton
  • 2012 (3): Russell Wilson, RGIII, Andrew Luck

I don't want you to focus on the number of quarterbacks who went each year. That argument can be made for something else. Instead, look at the consistency or variance between the years. It was almost once a year from 2008 to 2012. Ryan Poles is chasing the anomaly. 

If Caleb Williams, or a quarterback to be determined later, is as good as Ryan Poles believes him to be, the Chicago Bears have a shot. Brock Purdy and many other quarterbacks have shown how important that rookie contract can be. Poles and the league understand that as well. People might be sleeping on how powerful the Minnesota Vikings could become if they land the correct guy.

I can't lie, though. Had I watched more of Caleb Williams in 2022 sooner, I might have had a different tone. Alas, I wasn't team Williams or Fields. Nor was I against either. But I won't get my wish of Ryan Poles trading down and taking a quarterback. There was probably only a 5% chance of that. It's too risky for NFL GMs to gamble with. My name is Gamble, so I am all about getting risky. Until next time.

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