The Chicago Bears draft could change history based on past great QB draft classes

Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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The arguing in Chicago sports is at an all-time high. Daniel Greenberg jumped off Twitter, and people are internet-slapping David Kaplan. Adam Hoge (seems angry) might have lost some of his former self. During a conversation with Jimmy (@ingrained2train), I contextualized everything I had been trying to say about this unique Chicago Bears situation. From what I understand, Jimmy is a fan of drafting Caleb Williams and/or the best quarterback prospect with the #1 overall draft selection. My question to everybody is as simple as this: would you draft him if Rome Odunze was available at #9? Yes? Why?

You would draft Odunze because you feel he is one of the top receivers in this draft class and can make a huge difference. Heck, some people want the Bears to trade up for him to pair him with Caleb Williams. If that happened, the argument in the Chicago Bears media would instantly become about how Odunze is or could become better than Marvin Harrison Jr. Don't try and bs me. You know it would. I can see the media saying all of that, and a lot of Bear fans agree or take it to another extreme. What is my point? Why is it okay for us to discuss receivers this way but not quarterbacks?

Why does my new buddy Jimmy want to take the best quarterback prospect in a draft class that is allegedly loaded with talented quarterbacks? I can never see the NFL draft as simple as most people. It isn't in my DNA. I can't say, well, this guy is very, very good, so I need to grab him—unless he was the only player like Cole Kmet, who should have been drafted in that round/group for a while.