The Chicago Bears draft could change history based on past great QB draft classes

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The prospect among Bears prospects

I do not doubt Caleb Williams's talents. The Chicago Bears should look into him. However, sticking at that #1 pick because people view him as the top prospect is silly to me. Side note: He still isn't the top prospect, but quarterbacks make people do silly things. Anywho, we all need to stop taking the draft media, national media, and Bears media words as gospel. They can be wrong, I can be wrong, and you can be wrong. There are studies out there that show how we humans roll as a herd. That is what happens each year with these draft rankings. 

When someone's rankings come in, we immediately base a prospect on that person's rankings and move them up or down based on our opinion.

Many think I want to trade down because I am a member of the Justin Fields cult. I mean, he was my favorite prospect ever to enter the NFL. I followed him way too long and way too hard, which violates my own draft rule of never falling in love with a player. It clouds your judgment. I missed the fact that Fields held on the ball for far too long and didn't play in college for as long as I hoped (dang COVID seasons). I misplayed my hand, but I have been back to normal for a while.