The Chicago Bears draft could change history based on past great QB draft classes

Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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What could have happened

So, instead of playing the Chicago Bears, if I were the Bengals, I would have traded the #1 pick because I believe in doing that. Sorry, not sorry (I love you, Demi). The Bengals could have traded down with Miami or LA if they were thirsty and drafted Herbert. They would have gained draft capital while acquiring one of the top quarterbacks in the league and still looked great doing it. That is being a bold and strategic GM. 

If you roll to the legendary 1983 draft class, just about any team could have done what I suggested above for the 2020 draft class. The Baltimore Colts took John Elway and then traded him to Denver, but they needed a quarterback. I wasn't even born then, so I don't know much about what went down, but instead of drafting the player to trade him when they learned Elway wasn't going to play there. They should have traded that pick to anybody willing to move big parts for him. Let them deal with Elway. 

At least six Hall of Fame players were drafted in that first round. But the Colts let a team and a player bully them into taking much less—Fast-forward to the Chicago Bears. You have the chance to change the history of the NFL and probably change how teams will ever view trading up for a quarterback in the NFL again. I understand teams are scared of what happened with the Panthers, but most will view that as a fluke. Do it again, Ryan Poles.