The Chicago Bears draft could change history based on past great QB draft classes

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Fit the quarterback or talent overall?

Put the Chicago Bears on the winning side of another draft season trade that will forever change the dynamics of the NFL draft. I want you to draft your quarterback. I don't believe that Caleb Williams is your system fit. Under your authority, the Chicago Bears have preached leadership, accuracy, decision-making, and quick processing. For those specific traits and this draft class, I view these prospects in this order (probably my final Bears QB rankings of 2024):

  1. Bo Nix (high floor, scheme fit, low ceiling, Mac Jones like gamble, ROTY or bust)
  2. Michael Penix (high floor, injury concern, high ceiling, ROTY or bust)
  3. Caleb Williams (mid-floor, sky-high ceiling, worthy of #1 overall pick)
  4. Jayden Daniels (high-floor, sky-high running ability floor/ceiling, worthy of #1 overall pick)
  5. JJ McCarthy (mid-floor, high-ceiling, needs time to develop)
  6. Drake Maye (low-floor, sky-high ceiling, worthy of #1 overall pick, boom or bust)

Systems-wise, this just makes sense. Do Caleb Williams, Daniels, and Maye offer more upside? You better believe it. The Sean McVay offense under Shane Wadlron doesn't thrive on the abilities those three's upside provides, though. Pocket processing is the most important variant in this offense. The second most important is pre-snap play recognition. Stop it. Stop acting like it is an easy thing to teach. It'sn't. The best had it as draft prospects and improved on that strength to become greats.

Geno Smith learned it over the years. Why else do you think he beat out young Drew Lock? Lock is that mobile guy with a cannon who is still working on prosessing. He was way more upside in his finger than Geno does in his body, but this isn't a heavy vertical passing offense. That is also why I don't believe Justin Fields is the answer as well. This offense doesn't fit his strengths of being the best downhill runner while being able to throw deep.

Justin Fields, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and a bit of Jayden Daniels would have to become better processors pre-snap. They would need to know what play to get the offense into for the best execution. Those aren't currently those players' strengths.

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