The Chicago Bears have learned from this past quarterback mistake

Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles
Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have had a disappointing history of quarterback play. They are the only NFL team that has never had a quarterback throw for 4,000 yards in a season. However, they have made efforts to change this in recent years. Since 2017, they have selected two quarterbacks in the top half of the draft.

In 2017, the Chicago Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky. They moved up from 3 to 2 to select Trubisky and even passed on quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Both quarterbacks have led their teams to playoff wins and thrown for 4,00 yards in a season, two things Trubisky failed to do. Mahomes has even won MVP and led his team to multiple Super Bowls.

In 2021, the Bears drafted Justin Fields, moving up from 20 to 11 in the draft. They drafted Fields to replace Mitch Trubisky, hoping he could be the dynamic quarterback to return them to the playoffs. Although Fields showed flashes of being a dynamic quarterback, he ultimately did not take them to the playoffs or show enough consistency in the front office's eyes to continue as the Bears quarterback.

The Bears now hold the 1st overall pick and are looking to draft a rookie quarterback in the 2024 draft. All signs point to that being Caleb Williams from USC. One thing the Bears will make sure to do is not let history repeat itself and put this rookie quarterback in the best situation to succeed.

What is different this time around with a rookie quarterback?

The Chicago Bears have drafted two rookie quarterbacks in recent years who shared two things in common. Firstly, they were both drafted without a reliable WR1 or offensive line. Secondly, they were both drafted into situations that saw significant changes within the coaching staff after their rookie seasons.

Ryan Poles learned from previous mistakes and made sure to get not only one legitimate WR1 but two. He did this by acquiring D.J. Moore last offseason and Kennan Allen this offseason. Having two Pro Bowl-caliber wide receivers on the roster should help any rookie quarterback. He also ensured the offensive line was bolstered to help protect the young quarterback. He drafted tackle Darnell Wright with the 10th pick in the 2023 draft and added some veteran pieces in free agency.

The Bears have set their sights on returning to the playoffs and making a deep run in the next few years. They have chosen to build around a rookie quarterback instead of subjecting him to having to learn under a constantly changing set of players and coaches. This approach, they hope, will lead them to the playoffs and create long-term success.

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