The Chicago Bears make a highly unexpected trade in this full 2024 NFL mock draft

The Chicago Bears are the talk of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team is most likely taking Caleb Williams with the first pick in the draft, but what they do at nine is still up in the air. In this mock draft, the Bears make an unexpected trade that lands them an elite prospect.
Chicago Bears, 2024 Mock Draft
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Bears, Caleb Williams
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1.01: Caleb Williams, QB | USC

In the last few mock drafts that I have done, I have already covered Caleb Williams as a prospect. Rather than rehash everything I have already written about him, I wanted to touch base on some inaccuracies about Williams' game that I have seen from fans, and even a few analysts. Enough people on social media are trying to compare Caleb Williams to Justin Fields. The only comparisons that you can make between Williams and Fields are their leadership skills (a good thing) and lackadaisical attempt to hold onto the football while running or extending plays from time to time.

On paper, Williams holds onto the football for too long — something some fans try to say is the same as Fields. However, the situations are nothing alike. Williams tends to hold onto the ball too long while playing hero ball. He is constantly looking for that home run because his defense was ranked 121st out of 133 teams in the FBS. Not to mention, as good as some of his wide receivers have been over the last two years, none of them compare to the WR talent Justin Fields had at Ohio State.

Furthermore, Fields struggled to throw with any anticipation. Too often he didn't trust what he saw and that slight hesitation coupled with his longer release is why his time to throw (TTT) became a problem. That is not close to the case with Caleb Williams. Williams has a much faster release and when his plays did not break down his time to throw was in line with every other top quarterback prospect. Needless to say, Williams brings the most upside and has what I expect to be a high floor among the QB prospects this year. Let's go Bears!


  • Arm strength
  • Ability to make off-platform throws
  • Pocket presence
  • Escapability that leads to off-scripted success
  • Keeps eyes downfield
  • Self-confidence
  • Football IQ
  • Ability to lead receivers with anticipation


  • Holds onto the ball too long at times
  • Refuses to take the short, easy throws