The Chicago Bears make a highly unexpected trade in this full 2024 NFL mock draft

The Chicago Bears are the talk of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team is most likely taking Caleb Williams with the first pick in the draft, but what they do at nine is still up in the air. In this mock draft, the Bears make an unexpected trade that lands them an elite prospect.
Chicago Bears, 2024 Mock Draft
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Chicago Bears, Bengals
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The Chicago Bears make a trade with the Bengals

After taking Caleb Williams at 1.01 and Joe Alt at 1.07, the Chicago Bears had to wait a very long time before they picked again. Sitting at 75th overall in the third round, Poles decided he could wait a little longer and moved down five more spots.

Bears Receive:

Bengals Receive:

By making this trade with the Bengals, the Chicago Bears did not add any other picks to their arsenal in 2024, but they did ensure that all four of their draft picks came within the top 100. That's impressive seeing how shallow the talent pool is reported to be this year. Although the Bears do not have a second-rounder, walking away from the 2024 NFL Draft with two first-rounders (both within the top 10) and two third-rounders would make only having four picks worth it. I find that after pick 125, there aren't many prospects I find all that exciting.

Some might not be happy with the fact that Chicago didn't select a wide receiver yet in the draft. Having DJ Moore and Keenan Allen allows Ryan Poles the flexibility to not zero in on that position. Finding a left tackle who projects to be elite and pairing him with Darnell Wright should give the Bears more upside. You may feel like you are set at a position, but drafting for need is not the way to build an elite NFL franchise. There are still some intriguing options at receiver in the third and early fourth rounds anyway.