The Chicago Bears make a highly unexpected trade in this full 2024 NFL mock draft

The Chicago Bears are the talk of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team is most likely taking Caleb Williams with the first pick in the draft, but what they do at nine is still up in the air. In this mock draft, the Bears make an unexpected trade that lands them an elite prospect.
Chicago Bears, 2024 Mock Draft
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Chicago Bears, Buccaneers
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Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears trade down again

I'll be honest, I don't think that Ryan Poles would look to trade down twice at this point in the draft. Especially when neither trade nets another draft pick in this draft. That said, when I saw the board, I had five or six guys I could see the Chicago Bears targeting in this range and I felt confident that moving down another nine spots was worth the risk. Turns out I was right.

Bears Receive:
2025 4th Round Pick

Buccaneers Receive:
2025 5th Round Pick

Although the Bears didn't receive an extra pick in the 2024 NFL Draft with this trade, they did end up moving up one round in the 2025 NFL Draft. As it stands, the Chicago Bears have eight picks in 2025.

Chicago Bears 2025 Draft Picks:
2nd (CAR)
6th (PIT)

With this trade with Tampa Bay, the Bears would move up from the fifth round and sit with two fourth-rounders instead. It should be noted that one of those sixth-rounders has the potential of becoming a fourth-round pick if Justin Fields plays 51% of the Steelers' snaps in 2024. It is important for a general manager to always look at both the present and the future. Ryan Poles isn't going anywhere after 2024 and looking at this roster, he has set this team up for instant success while also leaving options to continue to build through the draft in 2025 and beyond.