The Chicago Bears make a highly unexpected trade in this full 2024 NFL mock draft

The Chicago Bears are the talk of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team is most likely taking Caleb Williams with the first pick in the draft, but what they do at nine is still up in the air. In this mock draft, the Bears make an unexpected trade that lands them an elite prospect.
Chicago Bears, 2024 Mock Draft
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Bears, Chargers
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The Chicago Bears choose to trade the future for the present

In a final trade, the Chicago Bears choose to send a future draft pick for a chance at drafting two players in 2024. I know that earlier I said it would be in the team's best interest to finish with only draft picks within the top 100 in this draft. Well, I changed my mind based on who was still available when the Bears were on the clock at 97.

Bears Receive:

Chargers Receive:
2025 4th Round Pick

Don't forget that I also said I would be happy with any picks within the top 125. Chicago needs to bolster the roster now and with eight picks in 2025, reducing that to seven while increasing their draft picks in 2024 to five made too much sense. Not to mention, 105 and 110 are fairly early in the fourth round. I'd expect the Bears to finish with a solid record this year as long as Caleb Williams performs as well as I expect him to, meaning the 2025 fourth-round pick Poles is sending to the Chargers should be a later draft pick than either of the two Poles received in this trade.

At this point in the draft, teams are looking for players who fill significant depth needs, while also holding enough upside to become role players or even starters. Chicago rounds out this draft with two players who I see as two options with enough skill to perform as role players in their rookie seasons, but also hold enough upside to become more than that in the next year or two.