The Chicago Bears meat and potatoes draft with a side of HITS | Part 2

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Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Chicago Bears Defense: Interior first, EDGE second

To put all of the information together for the Chicago Bears fans is that Matt Eberflus has a plan. Autry lists at 6'5, 285 pounds. Long story short, Zacch Pickens, 6'4", 291 pounds, and Gervon Dexter, 6'6", 310, are faster, stronger, and more agile than Autry. If Eberflus didn't hesitate to move Autry to the edge, he wouldn't hesitate to move either of those two if he found they could play that position, and he found his interior pusher.

I mean, come on, Bear fans, didn't you want the 6'3, 303-pound Karl Brooks, who is slower and less agile (although stronger) defensive end from Bowling Green? I am not knocking Brooks, but the two players that played on the interior have a higher upside. When Eberflus and Ryan Poles talked at the press conference, they did mention that they see both players as a hybrid. Yes, he did mention they could play the 3T and standard DT positions, but don't be surprised if one ends up at the edge position.

Ok, I feel like I am not sharing enough about Travis Bell. It is hard to get excited about a seventh-round draft pick I never go to research, but during the press conference, Matt Eberflus did crack a smile that couldn't be hidden when Poles shared his story on Bell. Bell could become a fan favorite, but he might bring more than we know. After all, he is the only defensive tackle that is a true defensive tackle from a body aspect.