If the Chicago Bears move on from Justin Fields what are the odds they draft a good QB

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The Chicago Bears will likely have the first overall pick in this year's upcoming NFL draft, thanks to the Carolina Panthers and the trade they made last off-season. Normally, if you are adding to get another team's first-round pick, the hope is they play badly enough to get you a top-five pick.

Which QB would Chicago Bears draft?

For the Chicago Bears, this must be a dream come true not only getting a top-five pick but the first overall pick in a really good draft year. With players like Marvin Harrison Jr, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Brock Bowers, and many others.

The problem for the Bears is their current QB situation and the possible future of Justin Fileds with the team. With Fields in his third year and it still being very much up and down, it's hard to know whether or not GM Ryan Poles will give him a third chance or move on.

That decision for Poles isn't made any easier, with it being one of the best and most stacked QB draft classes to enter the league in a long time. Caleb Williams is being talked about being the next Patrick Mahomes and Drake Maye isn't too far behind him either.

The other important thing of note for the Bears is they don't just have the Panther's pick, but they still also have their first-rounder who will most likely be in the top ten as well. So if they do choose a different player first overall or trade down with that pick, they still have a second top-end pick that could be used for a QB.